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About us

who we are

Bagaboo is a small bag manufacturing company located in Hungary, Budapest. It has been established originally to make messenger bags and other accessories what bicycle couriers use for everyday work. Me, being an ex-messenger of Budapest, knows quite a lot of what you need from a bag if you use it for everyday work.

Now bagaboo makes quite a lot of bag types and accessories that are not so closely related to messenger work, but one thing you can be sure – you’ll get the same quality on everything we make.

We are about full customization. You can specify the colours, the pattern you want to have on the bag, you can ask for custom pockets or other things that you’d be happy to have on your bag – we can do almost everything. Imagine yourself a unique bag – we’ll sew it.


where / how to buy

There is a growing network of bagaboo retailers/distributors – check out the list at the retailers menu. If you’re running a bike shop, and you’re interested in selling our bags, please contact us. We’re always looking for new shops who can retail our products.

For ordering, please use our custom product planner. If you want something now, take a look at our stock on the webshop.


how to pay / shipping options

We can accept credit card payments / paypal / direct bank transfer. If you order from our webshop, those products have a fixed price - you can pay immediately after checkout. If you purchased something that has an embroidery or custom design on it, we'll contact you about the extra cost first. If you purchase something which has on embroidery or custom design then we 'll contact with you about the extra cost.

We ship worldwide. If your country does not show up in the country list, write us an e-mail please. Shipping cost is calculated after the weight of your package and the country where you live.



Every bagaboo bag and accessory have 12 months warranty against material or sewing defects. You can have your bag repaired after the warranty period, too - contact us if you need our service.