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We make our bags after personal orders. You can customize your bag in a lot of ways.

You can choose the main outer color, the inner color, the trim color and the velcro color of your bag. The outer layer is CORDURA®, you can choose from our CORDURA® colour sheet for the bag’s outer. The inner layer in truck tarpaulin, please use that color sheet for choosing the bag’s inner color. The trim is the material that we put on the bag’s edges and corners to strengthen these parts. Choosing these colors are your default options.

By default, you will get your bag with black velcro – choosing any other color has a surcharge.

You can find our color sheets here.

We can make almost any custom embroidery design on you bag also. There are two ways of making the design. For the larger patterns, we cut every part from CORDURA®, and stitch them on the bag to make the design. For small, detailed designs or text embroideries, we use an embroidery machine. We use both methods together to make a complicated design.

The surcharge of the embroidery work depends on how difficult the design is. Send us a picture, a sketch about it and we’ll give you the exact price.
You can work on these blank bag pictures with your graphic software, or just print it out and draw on it:


For graphical softwares: vector based PDF
To draw on: PNG 


During the years we've made tons of custom bags. You can find the best ones here: custom bag gallery